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Request a quotation for orders. Minimum quantity 1500 packs.

A perfect brew. A classic taste, recreated for you. Enjoy the finest cup of pure Ceylon black tea any time anywhere. There is no need for a spoon when you have a T-GO tea pouch that comes with a stirring stick. 

This product is ideal for Tea shops, motels, and hotels.

SRIWE exports T-Go tea. We are specialized in exporting wholesale Sri Lankan tea. We offer premier quality tea for the best price. SRIWE also offers the best international shipping rates. If you are a quality Sri Lankan tea importer, SRIWE is the best place to buy tea, not other retail sites.

Contact us for more information.

Product Name
T-GO Ceylon Black Tea
Ingredient Pure Ceylon Black Tea

Content 15     T-GO sticks
Net Weight 2g     per tea stick
Net Weight 30g   per pack
Gross weight  125g per pack
Place of Origin Sri Lanka

Product Specifications