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Green Curry Papayas | Wholesale | SRIWE

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We export Fresh Green Curry Papayas grown in Sri Lanka. The sweet, juicy riped flesh of papaya can be eaten raw or used in smoothies. Papayas are high in fiber, folate, vitamin A and Magnesium. Papaya promotes digestion, reduces inflammation, and is great for the skin. 

SRIWE exports Green Curry Papayas. We are specialized in exporting wholesale Sri Lankan products. We offer premier quality products for the best price. SRIWE also offers the best international shipping rates. If you are a quality Sri Lankan Green Curry Papayas importer, SRIWE is the best place to buy.

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Product Name
Green Curry Papayas 
Color Green 
Weight 0.5-1.5 kg
Cultivation type Common
Place of Origin
Sri Lanka
Supply ability 7500 kg Green Curry Papayas per day
Packaging details

7.5 kg per bag

 If you are looking for different packaging, we can do it your way.